Let SFS Help You!

Southern Financial Systems Inc. is a licensed and bonded collection agency with more than 40 years of combined experience and expertise in the collection of nonperforming debt. We are a small woman owned, and woman operated business located in Hattiesburg, MS not more than an hour’s drive from Jackson. Fully automated, and using the most current technology, we have a proven track record of success in all areas of the collection industry which can be verified by our references. We currently contract with more than 350 clients nationwide. However, 90% of our clients are Mississippi companies. Among those are hospitals, clinics, banks, credit unions, counties, municipalities, court and utility companies. We are licensed to do business with the Federal Government and on GSA Schedule. Our compliance, technology and software rival any larger agency and involve constant ongoing training. Our team has worked very hard over the last 19 years and we have been able to successfully step up to the plate with each new opportunity. Our mission is to return the highest percentage of lost revenue at the lowest possible cost to our client. This is accomplished by dedicated employees who are thoroughly and continually trained in all aspects of the collection industry including all areas of compliance and security and a sincere interest in our client’s mission to continually be able to provide their service which in turn continues to provide opportunity to our state, citizens, communities and companies. Our present, past and future success hinges on our ability to look ahead with a detailed contingency plan for continued growth.

Proposal and references available on request. Please contact us below.

Collection Accounts

Southern Financial Systems Pledges the following:

  • All collection activities will be carried out in compliance with all federal, state, and local laws.
  • All collected monies will be kept in a trust account and paid to you on a monthly basis. This will be accompanied by an easy to read, detailed report on all payments received for that month.
  • We will acknowledge all accounts received from your office. We will use your account number as reference numbers for ease of tracking. We do request that as much information as possible is sent with the account to assist us in collecting the account for you.
  • SFS will provide clients full access to their accounts for review and examination. Someone will be available for liaison between your office and SFS during normal working hours for issues that may arise on an account.
  • All accounts will be worked to completion utilizing all available collection and skip-tracing tools. This includes on-line services, credit bureau reports, public records, and a detailed investigation. Although we cannot guarantee collection of your accounts, all efforts will be used to facilitate collection. Remember, we don’t get paid until you get paid.

Southern Financial Systems, Inc. has built a reputation of efficiency, thoroughness, punctuality, and professionalism, with a “can do” attitude. We want to put these values to work on your accounts to maximize your bottom line.